Rose and Cactus




A prince left home and his rose in a desert alone. He enjoyed his journey and made many new friends. He forgot to go home and water his rose. The rose waited and waited for his back and struggled living in a desert without watering. For survival, her branches become bigger and bigger to store water, and her leaves withered to prevent water evaporated. Several years passed by, the prince come back home to look for his rose. But he couldn't find her.


He called "little rose, where you are?” A cactus next to his foot answered him ardently” I am here." The prince was angry and yelled "My little rose was slim and elegant. You, cactus is strong and ugly. Don't ever try to cheat on me" The rose was sad and crying. She used all of her energy to push all the water out a drop by a drop. Her branches become slimmer and slimmer. After all, she used the last energy to extend her leaves. Eventually, the prince realized she was not the cactus but she was the rose. But it's really too late. The rose was withered and dead.

The prince held his little rose and cried heavily. Now he learned that he would never deny others for their appearance. He cried to the sky and said if there was a chance again, he would never leave the rose and be so irresponsible to her. While his tears dropped onto the rose, a miracle happened. The rose waked up, smiled at him, and said"Angle told me you missed me and brought me back to you." The prince was so happy to hold the rose tightly and he decided from now on he would be very responsible and kind to others no matter what they look like.

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